What Is the Sun Sign

It's possible to guess your Rising sign based on an approximate birth time, but to be accurate it helps to know the exact time to the hour and minute.

Because your Rising sign is associated with the 1st house of a chart, it's really all about you. It represents the surface of your personality -- what you show to the world on a day-to-day basis, like how an acquaintance might see you. It's enough to get an idea of who you are While your Sun sign is very intimately connected to the big picture of you, your Rising sign is much more about the "you" people see on the surface, about how you behave around others.

What Your Astrology Chart Can Tell You

If you've ever been confused by the fact that people perceive you very differently from how you see yourself, it's because what people see can be dominated by Rising sign traits rather than the Sun sign traits you understand yourself to have. It may come as a surprise that nearly all western horoscopes -- daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes -- are actually written based on the house system.

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This means astrologers use houses to explain how the current cosmic energy will impact an individual. Long story short, this means: You should be reading your horoscope for your Rising sign, not your Sun sign!

The horoscope for your Sun sign is still important, because the Sun is so important, but you'll likely find more accuracy if you read the horoscope for your Rising sign instead -- or both your Rising AND Sun signs -- because it is, in fact, much more specific to your personal Astrology chart.

Together, your Rising sign, Sun sign, and Moon sign the sign the Moon was in at the time you were born represent your outer self Rising , your inner self Moon , and your core Sun. So reading your sun sign horoscope makes a whole lot of sense.

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Your rising sign dictates who you are on the surface. Because of this, if you just met someone and guessed their sign, chances are you would guess their rising before their sun.


FYI, You're Misreading Your Horoscope! Here's How to Interpret It Like a Pro

And because our lives are greatly affected by how others relate to us, your rising sign has a huge impact on your daily experience. And guess what? Because of this, reading your rising sign horoscope helps you tune into details that are particularly unique and special to you.